Angular Cherry Wood Lamp

Does anyone know how sheets of cherry plywood is needed to actually make this design, I was under the assumption that it was only 1 until I saw the design.

This is the place for sharing your designs not asking for others. I am moving this to the “everything else” category. if you are asking about a specific other design you need to include a link to it.

Is this the one you are referring to?


Looks like 5 sheets.


Yep. I made one. 5 sheets…now I have to build the energy to actually glue the beautiful thing together.


Yes, so after doing the math and viewing the replies, I see I was correct about 5 sheets…thanks

I made this… my first piece since owning my glowforge that is not a "messing around " kind of project. Everything was going perfect until I got to the part where I find the actual lamp kit. Ive ordered 2 and even gone into home depot. I can’t find the right size and the complete kit with the socket, cord or anything else I need. The sockets are the wrong size. Can anyone help? Thanks :blush:

Same problem here - if anyone has built it and found a socket that fits please provide a link to the socket.


Try Amazon? Maybe reach out to support to find out what hardware the creator used, at least the size.

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