Animal stools (the kind on which you sit)

At my local animal refuge they adorable stools with animals cut and engraved into the seat. I’ve never used a laser cutter, or been close to one. Aside from the painting, is this something I might be able to do with a soon(ish) to be mine Glowforge?

I believe it’s solid wood, and the ‘engraves’ are 1/16 inch deep perhaps.



Seems totally possible to me. Especially once we see the grayscale engraving.

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Ha! Stool. Took me a second.

Love it!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


This is so fun! I’m really looking forward to 3D engraving to make fun chairs more possible.

Have to admit, though, as a camper and Friend of Dogs, my first thought was “I try really hard not to sit on animal stools.” :joy:


Thank goodness it’s the kind you sit on…because the other kind may not make the house smell nice :wink: Those are pretty cool.


Love the idea, love the title even more. Even after reading the thread, I still can’t get the other type of stool out of my mind. :poop:


I’m with you. :grin:

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When I was looking at the ‘sitting apparatus’ in front of me and trying to describe it, the description I used made so much sense. However, in retrospect, it was completely unnecessary (but I’m glad you enjoyed the title).


To be fair that still didn’t quite clarify as it could be made out of the same material as the Poo-Pets.

Keep in mind you can use the laser to cut the masking so as to be able to paint it easily and with no mess. Simply mask the chair, cut the painted areas, remove that masking, spray and then engrave the rest.

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