Animatronic laser cut .... Droid? Robot? Data?



Good day folks,

Saw this pop up on FB laser forum. It’s a video from an old Kickstarter. I do t know if it went through, but the video is cool.

Apparently all laser plywood and servos.


Very kewl - apparently it did (at least part one) get funded:

113 backers pledged $15,232 to help bring this project to life.

Anyone every try the Makey Makey kit?

Apparently it is related (same inventor?) and is available on Amazon.


I noticed the ‘living hinge’ cut around the wrist area to allow the outer layer to form the surface from the flat. V.nice idea


We have a MaKey MaKey! Super cool invention.


Just ordered one, now I need some bananas. :relaxed: