Announcement (from Jules) about Control of the Matrix

Just wanted to let everyone know that control of the links in the Matrix is going to have to remain closed to everyone except a few people from now on. I opened it up to give editing access to everyone for the last month or so, so that people could add their own links, and unfortunately several of the links have been corrupted.

Not a problem, I’m going to go fix the bad links, but the only folks who will have access to add links to the Matrices are going to be me, @Rita and @dannyc for now.

So if you come up with a great tutorial and want people to be able to find it, be sure to tag me, Rita, or Danny if I don’t see it. (They will also have permission to add and remove information on the spreadsheets.)

Everyone else can still use the links in it to access the tutorials, they just can’t add or accidentally (or deliberately ) :wink: corrupt the links now.

(@dan, If you get a chance and see this, if you could please temporarily pin this somewhere up top, folks will know why they can’t go in and fiddle around in the spreadsheets any more.)


Nice work Jules. :+1:


Thanks, just don’t want to have to keep re-doing it! ROFL! :smile:


Thanks for continuing to shepherd these valuable resources!


Haha-I didn’t even know it wasn’t always closed. Too bad you have to redo it, but thanks for taking care if it. I’ve been linking to it a lot and I think it helps a lot of folks.