Anodized mini founders ruler


I now have a working Glowforge and all its pieces!
It is late and I don’t have the energy do get the exhaust sorted beyond sticking the hose out a window, so I figured I would try some Al since it won’t stink.

In 5 minutes of looking couldn’t find anything big enough for the whole ruler but small enough to fit in the bed. Instead of cutting something down I just grabbed a little scrap and made the ruler smaller.
I was aiming for 50% but there is no on on screen feedback on the size that I can find (there is a hopper idea for ya @dan ). I put a ruler in the bed and tried to scale using that but was only sort of successful. Obviously I will need to experiment with settings, but I am extremely pleased with the level of detail!

Before I do too much more work I need to iron out the venting. This is clearly not up to par. Not that it will stop me from using it…


Wonderful way to get started. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to seeing what you can do now with all the beta restrictions released! And now you have to answer all the questions on how you did this! Congrats and thanks for all you have done for the community.


You and me both!
I am always happy to answer any question I can. Fortunately in this case all I did was pull some settings out of my… hat and then push the button. :smile:


It looks great in aluminum! So glad you got your very own glowie! :smiley:


One more for scale and detail.


Didn’t realize it was that small! Awesome!:star_struck:


First time in the history of man those words have been said in the same sentence. :rofl:


This is adorable! Ha ha!..I didn’t realize it was so small either. Keep sizing it down and you could make it as a charm for a bracelet!


Back in business! So excited you’ve got it!


Now this makes me very happy. At last, at last! Looking to see great things from you; the anodized ruler was a perfect start.


I really like the look of the engraving in anodized aluminum. And congrats on having the Glowforge!


Super happy for you!
I think it’s funny how just about everybody’s Glowforge space looks the same… Some computer device, a bright light, calipers, and random materials everywhere.
I should make a sign “This here is Glowforge territory.”


I’m confused Josh, what about the rulers in the UI?

So happy you have come full circle at last! Your beta posts kept me hanging on through those lean times.
That ruler looks great! Nice choice of material for it. :dark_sunglasses:


Wait, there are rulers in the UI?
(smacks forehead)
It was a long day.


Interesting phycological reaction we humans have as an anticipated event gets ever closer. We waited closing in on two years, but as it narrows to a week it becomes almost unbearable - kind of like the urgency as you get closer to the bathroom… :sweat:


Yeah, but they kinda suck because they don’t contrast. They’re certainly easy to miss! Hope they change it to a white on black scheme soon!


The ruler looks pretty fantastic in black! Now that you’re up and running again, I can’t wait to see what you make!


Venting looks good to me. All I really noticed was the glowing button. Congratulations! Really looking forward to hearing more about your adventures


Yay! Glad you got yours! That ruler is so cute I could pinch it’s cheeks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Out of curiosity, how did you cut the aluminum?