Another 12 Days of Christmas down

One more thing for our 12 days of Christmas this year. Got the file off Etsy, the 4 light bases and one sample piece of acrylic already in the perfect shape, and the power of the GF. I read up and saw some people had issues with the top of theirs being barely lit, so I took a scrap of acrylic (fortunately I have a friend who has her own custom framing shop in her home and get scraps when I need them), so I used the had score, since the death star is just a bunch of lines, and I’m pretty happy with the results.
Cost of light bases = $15
Cost of GF = $5,000
Cost of one ready made one =$29
Look on a 27YO’s nerd face when she opens it= $5014.00


Where’s the photo???

Be careful what you ask for…

The one with the ball in her mouth is one I want to try and laser onto a canvas and/or canvas board. What do think of the b/w one for that?


Haha, I meant the photo of the acrylic light. This is the Made on a Glowforge section; your post has to contain a photo. :slight_smile:

And I think the dogs are adorable and the B&W photo is promising!

You didn’t see it?

Now I do! There wasn’t one the first time I looked.

Are you sure? JK, I just added it.


I choked reading this.


Nicely done! You got the light to extend to all parts of the design, looks great.

Yea, but only the FIRST gift costs that much. LOL (And even then, when someone says, “Where you get this(great gift)?” You can swell your chest a bit and say “I MADE it.” THAT is so very satisfying. And no matter how many times you get to say it, it’s great every time. No lie.

Nice work.