Another 2020 Ornament for you!

We made these for more than 100 friends and family to send inside of our Christmas cards this year! I hope you’ll all enjoy commemorating this rather unique year with us!

They were cut on proofgrade MDF, then we removed all of the masking except the fire area before spraypainting them gold. After that, the fire mask came off and we colored in the fire by hand.

Grab the file by right clicking on the image below → Dumpster ornament


That about sums it up alright. Thank you.


Thank you. Gotta keep laughing to keep from crying.

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My thoughts exactly! We actually shared this with our friends and family on social media to see if a few of them might want one and more than a hundred friends requested them. I think we’re all looking for something to smile about.


Great share - and sentiment! Thank you! :sunglasses:
Here’s looking forward to a better year. :+1:


Sums it up nicely. Only people enjoying it own stocks in pharmaceuticals.
Even today, we had joked about getting past the last Fri 13 of the year.
Then as wife prepared for bed, she noticed the AC unit wasn’t working.
Fans on and deal with it tomorrow. The struggle is real.

So yeah, sums it up and great job…


Ooo thats good one!!

Thank you for sharing.

This is great, thank you!