Another Antikythera post

We’ve had a couple of posts about the Antikythera mechanism before but here’s a nice write-up and collection of videos on recreating one. Makes me wonder about whether it might be doable in acrylic :slight_smile:


Very interested in trying this some day, thanks for sharing this!

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Clickspring is the gold standard, nay platinum standard for YouTube channels. He is trickling out these videos. Makes me think I need to Patreon him to keep feeding the hunger.


I don’t know what his day job is, but what I can this isn’t it. Yet his attention to detail, and quality of his work(and videos!) Is beyond reproach. He is a joy to watch. Also dangerous, because now I want a metal lathe and a mill…


Thank you. I have spend an hour mesmerized. Your fault.

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Really Awesome Videos. There went an hour.
Curse You @jamesdhatch … I mean Thank You! That was really cool!


He’s got some great ones. Check out the clock one he did. Just amazing work. Clickspring rocks! But you’ll lose more than an hour if you start looking at his stuff :smile: