Another beauty

Still think lasering painted metal has to be most satisfying output there is, things just seem to pop when they come out well.

Here is a hipflask with a zodiac representation of a Ram a buddy of mine wanted…took 14mins and no fuss whatsoever.


Not that it matters too much but I don’t think that looks anodized, looks more like painted metal [steel].

One way to be sure would be to run a fingernail over the material. If you can feel any transition at all then it’s paint. Anodized will feel completely smooth.


Good to know, shall check and advise.


If it is painted there is frequently a bit of residue left on the metal. A quick wipe with an alcohol soaked paper towel might make the metal even shinier, increasing contrast.


Yup that is usually what I have to do, run it under water to get it to pop, so then likely painted as you suspected.


Very cool, and the bit of dimensionality of the paint makes it pop. If you wanted to get into making lots and lots of these, look into getting a fiber laser, since it could do that in less than a couple of minutes!


Thank you for the feedback, Jamely

If one was doing this more commercially might consider putting up for a fiber, but at the moment it’s more of a fun hobby to do odds and ends.


Of recent concern is the possibility of the paint chipping. I have a tablet pen that was painted black and I managed to chip off all the paint. Much better for the pen but not so good for your beautiful design. If possible I would experiment before creating more of them like perhaps a clear layer after, or at least warn the buddy to treat it with care.

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What would you recommend in terms of clear layer application?

There are others here more expert than myself as to what would hold on to the metal. But that would be my search on Google. I just thought I would mention my experience where the black was just chipped off with my fingernail.

Chipping right away = bad.

Chipping after a year of use = repeat business.



oh, these don’t chip that easy, you would have to drop them or drag something across the surface for the coating to come off

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Agree, I did one two years ago and it looks weathered but only because I toss that thing in to bags with no care :slight_smile:


Your flask will age to a fine Patina = Marketing!


Great design!


I like your thinking