Another blinding flash of insight into the completely obvious


( they happen to me). Glowforge- the magazine. Print and on line versions. Originating inside or outside starbase Seattle. The successor to this forum.


Highlighting specific Glowforgers, tutorials, materials, suppliers. Sell ad space to suppliers. Free design catalog download for subscribers to go with write up in feature article. Comes in slipcover with pressboard backing, which has “trace and cut” art / designs -or- which is pre-printed and used to make the free project.
Must have a comic page.




Total must…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: as well as a living hinge for the fold


The paper edition needs to be gf cut…


Well, it is a laser printer. :slightly_frowning_face:


It could even have some hard-hitting journalism exposing the real reason why moly stocks are depleted: prepping for marking metal with the Glowforge.


if someone makes just one issue, i will be happy


Two words: Collector’s Edition.


Might be much like The MagPi Magazine. Since they put a free pi zero in theirs. I want a proofgrade of the month in ours. Might be full sheet, might just be magazine sized sample.


Front and back cover!


Maybe I have a bit too much free time.


Boy! That was quick and totally convincing.


Take my money!

Great job! I know someone who can run them when the time comes haha.


:heart: plus about a gazillion more :heart:’s


Is the Glowforge logo above @dan’s head subliminally a lightbulb? Lol


What about the centerfold? :scream:


It would be a sexy Glowforge UI screenshot of course😛


It’s mentioned on the cover: “passthrough slot finally revealed!”


Hahaha! I like the tiny blue devil ears formed by the “W”