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Hi Glowforgers! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I recently finished a small project that made me think I’d ask fellow enthusiasts how they’ve solved what may be a ‘common’ problem? As you can see from the photos, I laser etched a circuit diagram into the top of the case. At first, I tried doing this with the paper off, but that lead to some spurious burn marks and vapor deposition that didn’t look perfect (I’m a bit of a perfectionist…). I really didn’t want to peel all the pieces of paper off, but I eventually went that route and gave the acrylic a good clean with some neat IPA (no, not the beer… :slight_smile:) using a lint free cloth and it came out very nicely. Has anyone come up with an easy method of soaking off the paper on a finished, complicated engraving on paper covered acrylic?




Soaking in IPA is the best method I’ve found. Then a plastic razor blade, and clean it up again with the IPA and a rag…


I used Purell very successfully

That wood one is the only photo I had but the acrylic mask was not even damaged as it floated off.

Sorry, no answer to your question but I do have a counter question. Those 3d printed fastener brackets, Thingiverse or your design?

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The connectors are my ‘design’…knocked them up with Fusion to take M3 embedded buts.



Here’s the file for anyone who wants to use it (non-commercially).

Lada M3.stl (79.2 KB)


I have found that my engraves are better without the masking, and then just clean the surface of the acrylic after. But that was because I was doing some detailed engraving where I was losing some of the finer details when the masking was removed.

But I have not witnessed burning, just residue-dust that has needed to be cleaned up afterward.



Vacuum Fluorescent Displays…:slight_smile:

I used a few drops of dish soap smeared on a piece of glass for an etching today. When done you just wash off the soap film. It turned out perfectly. Maybe this works on acrylic as well. :man_shrugging:

Volunteer Fire Department

(the literary reference :slight_smile: )

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Yes I know, I was asking if that’s what these were or if they were led-based. I guess I got my answer :slight_smile:

Sorry…i hastily replied believing that I’d mentioned VFD in my original post…hence the response. There are LED’s involved too, so we’re all good… :slight_smile: :laughing:

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A most unfortunate reference.

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If I am doing a vector engrave, If I do a light score first I can remove the masking just where the engraving will be anyway, If it is an Image engrave It will have a cut out vector and I score with that and reveal only where the engrave will be.