Another Cool Prop Sword

There was a post titled “Zero Sword”, likely referring to a certain Megaman X ally’s weapon recently in this category and it reminded me of this weapon I found on the interwebs a while back.

This is the “Monado”, a type of beam saber the main character in Xenoblade Chronicles(Wii/3ds) uses. It was a hugely fun game, but had some skimpy outfits (traditional in JRPGs), some over the top twisted dark secret in the plot that was probably too intense for American censors (traditional in JRPGs), and otherwise just not believed it would be received well in the states(traditional in JRPGs); so it was released in Europe and Japan only, and it became one of the most pirated Wii games ever. There were petitions to bring the game to the states, but it largely fell on deaf ears to Nintendo of America. Eventually, close to some 5 years after its Europe and Japan release, a watered down version was finally released for the Wii and for the new 3ds.

It has one heck of a cool badass sword though. A cosplayer on deviantart made a replica using some LEDs and a handful of other materials, I think it may be possible to make one with the GF as well, making the center parts out of glass or acrylic, the beam saber part out of acrylic, and the wood/red part might be able to be done in 3 or 4 1/4 inch layers and layered tofether, or perhaps fashioned seperately. I know I’m going to try to make one of these!


Cool, I might be wrong but I thought the Zero sword was from borderlands 2

It’s possible that that may have come directly from borderlands but the Megaman X series is like, super nintendo era, where the main character’s ally Zero, weilds a beam saber. Borderlands may have paying tribute for that. And I am even willing to admit that they may have come up with it on thier own, never hearing or seeing Zero and his beam sword, as of course, I wasn’t present during Borderlands development, but yeah. I think you see where I’m going with that ^_^;