Another delay

The tracker read 1 March for over a month. Before that, it was at 28 February for a long time.

So here we are, 72 hours away from the big moment, and GF pushes it back to 9 March.

This isn’t funny any more. There are people who ordered way after I did who have already gotten theirs. I’M SO FRUSTRATED.



At this point they’re building four different models (US Basic, US Pro, International Basic, International Pro) brut as far as I know they still have just the one production line that swaps between making the different models. They switch production based on parts availability and projected backlog, among other factors. So if they ran short on parts for the model you ordered but they have parts for another model, they change what they’re building and adjust dates accordingly. It can be frustrating, but they’re not big enough to have separate production lines for each model.

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Why don’t the produce just the International Versions? They would work fo US too, or not?
Still waiting for a long time for shipment to Switzerland…

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Mine slipped too, from Mar 7th to Mar 15. I ordered pretty late in terms of wait time and I’m in the U.S. (I feel bad for all the international shipments that have been delayed for so long). I would have thought they had ironed out all the quirks by now…

My guess is they will eventually as two models only makes sense if the US version is much cheaper for some reason. They might have a big stock of old parts to use up first or can’t get enough of the new parts. Making changes in the middle of mass production is a nightmare. That is why you do your approvals first when you know which markets you need to support.

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Whatever changes they did for the international version would need to get certified in the U.S. and that costs money and takes time. Since they already have a certified model for the U.S. they may not want to deal with that headache.

Given how big the delays have been the past I would suggest that these fluctuations of a few days are more of an annoyance than anything serious. It’s frustrating (mine slipped by a day) but we’re all so close. Hang on in there!

I don’t think they do. They haven’t announced NRTL certification for the US yet and some customers are waiting for that.

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As palmercr pointed out, not necessarily. Their WiFi part, based on its limitations, may be fairly old, but would probably have FCC part 15 certification. No guarantee the manufacturer would have done testing for the RED Directive that went into effect last June. In this theoretical, but plausible case, they’d either have to do the testing themselves (and then use the same part for US & EU) or use a different WiFi package that would be good for the EU & US and only phase it in when the older parts are all consumed. Based on Dan’s comments that the differences are minor something like this would fit.


Just because they haven’t announced they have NRTL yet doesn’t mean they aren’t already in the process. My understanding of certification practices and what I would expect from what I’ve seen of your postings and your knowledge of certification practices is that changing a wifi module (or whatever they changed) would need to either restart or setback the process. They definitely don’t want to do that because, as you said yourself, some people are waiting on it

Of course, I could be completely wrong in my understanding of certification processes, so please enlighten me there if I am :laughing:

Yes is entirely possible that two different versions are being approved separately in parallel. Having to maintain two versions in production is just the sort of mess you would get into if you don’t take target markets into consideration at the design stage and get it approved for all markets before production.

Usually this, or just a put on hold until you can provide something situation, in my experience.

I feel your pain. Same dates and everything for me too. This is getting beyond ridiculous. 2 days before supposed shipping and yet another delay. The tracker almost makes it worse, because it never moves forward, only further back.

I also got that delay… I was suppose to get the delivery email yesterday and now it pushed back again. This is super fustrating… now with Techshop reopened I now also face spending more money due to the delay.