Another edge lit.....or, shopping for a souvenir blender


You are…

Thank you so much!


No…I get it. Ha ha! :rofl:


Could you give a listing of materiels? I assume 1/4" acrylic, 1/4" mdf???


Sure. 4 sheets of each; 1/4" PG Draftboard and 1/4" PG clear acrylic. Plus, of course, strip lights, power supply, etc.


Really gorgeous! What a feat!


This is fantastic! Such a cool effect and great layout of the various elements. Thanks for the inspiration!


Beautifully done, @Xabbess ! So much thought in your details … Truly a piece of art!


Not just skill, but contextually aware use of materials and technique. Mimicking a a fish tank is super brilliant.


Well, that’s just stunning. Any videos of it? This would be a great project for “pixel” LED lights where you could add some motion. Thanks for the inspiration!


Thank you! No…no videos. I actually prefer when it’s just one color…no flashing, fading, etc. I can go according to my mood, then.


Wow! So beautiful!