Another everything machine

I wonder how far they will get?


I don’t like that one as much as the other. I don’t, nor want a machine to make my drink. I know how to do that. Still not as much of a draw as :glowforge:

I like it!


Interesting. This and other recent products make me excited to see what the next 5 to 10 years will bring.


Yep, there are lots of interesting improvements coming. His project is not for me, but looks fun.


I like this one much more. I get that you’re joking, but the fact that you could turn this into a bartending bot is kind of amazing. Plus, it’s going to be open source, meaning you can design and build your own system or additions. It’s a really cool project, and one that could potentially get a community of modern going.

$4k is a big ask, but it’s clear that other crowd funded and pre order campaigns are capable of getting that, so…

Super interested in making my own someday, maybe.

Edit: sounds like a pretty worthy project, let’s hope they remember that they need enough cash to keep doing good things…

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I think that thing looks awesome! I wonder why they only have one Earlybird backer so far.

@jrnelson’s link above has tons of videos, I’m going to go watch them all…

This is a good one…


new launch plus minimum $3162 buy-in, probably. i’ll be stunned if this doesn’t fund, though.

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The price does seem quite high for off the shelf parts and 3d printed parts, and open source. It’s a great idea though.


sure, initial investment for projects gotta start somewhere, though!

I made a lil’ image comparing the Glowforge and Evezor work areas. (20.4 x 11.5in and 800mm diameter with approximate cutouts)


New video: 3D milling/routing. Ssems to have done a very nicw job, but it doesn’t look like they had the tool lengths set very well. I wonder why not.

Link to the update on Kickstarter…