Another FB doodle transferred to wood

I have a handful of friends on my Book of Faces feed that’ll drop cool doodles every now and then.

I’m trying to make a habit of grabbing said art and figuring out how to transfer it to wood/acrylic (or vinyl via a Cricut Maker). Then I send the result to them, if it works out.

Gives me a random stream of unpredictable, oft very cool, things to practice on (mostly, practice the image processing to get the appropriate contrast and detail) and makes a nice happy surprise for someone random.

Random Acts of Pew Based Kindness?

I highly recommend it.

This was a doodle I saw go by on a friend’s FB. A neat mandala-esque bit of artistry.


Cool Zentangle! :grinning:

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Neat! We’ve got a friend who does doodles like that, but he’s kind of touchy about his work being reproduced. I haven’t so far tried to engrave it, though I’d like to.

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I engrave and send them all the copies. :slight_smile:

Awesome you use the glowforge to fill someone’s bucket.

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