Another Glowforge cameo

Showing once again that projects don’t have to be all one smart tool or other tools for that matter, The :glowforge: gets a nice one-second cameo here. It is an important second as I am needing to make some roll holders for paper towels and other rolled things and I think I have just changed my design a little.
Oh, the cameo is right at minute 9 if you don’t want to watch the whole thing.


Don’t blink or you will miss it. Was a lot of good bits to think about but curious that he only used the Glowforge for just the paperhanger, and not a lot more of the parts. There were so many other places he could have done an amazing better and more decorative job of it.

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Right? It is almost like he is scared to show it.

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I’d bet money he gets tons of shit in the comments whenever he uses it. Its the same on reddit in the DIY subreddit any time anyone uses a nonstandard tool or uses a lot of different tools. It isnt just a specialty tool thing, either. If someone uses, like, a miter saw in a YouTube video they’ll often list a bunch of other ways to do it. Because people get mad about it. Like, unreasonably mad.


You are probibly right on the money. People are weird. Having 25 diferent sleds for your table saw is fine but any digital input or CNC and people get the pitchforks and torches yelling you are cheating. Have had this happen myself.


He is to a certain extent. I listen to a podcast that he is on, and he explains that he catches a lot of flack from some of his viewers about using tools like the GF. He is a full-time content creator, so he just tries to mix up what he uses to create.

His videos are fun and their podcast is a good one:

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