Another Glue topic, but different

Hello everyone
I made some soccer style earings from proofgrade acrylic. I have just started trying to use glue with acrylic
I did a search on this forum and found that E6000 is good.
I have used CA glue on wood and abs which works good also.

Here is where it gets different

The pieces you can see in the pictures are really small, so to get a rough edge on those small of pieces is going to be tough.
I was wondering about doing a 2 part epoxy and pouring it over the top of the earings so that it seeps in between the cuts to create the bond.

The ones in the pic are done with gorilla super glue I glued over the masking tape to allow the glue to seep in between, which it did, but getting the masking paper off after proved difficult. It left scratches and looks as the glue may have damaged the acrylic.

I would like to hear everyone’s input and feedback and if a better solution is available I would like to hear that also.
Thanks a bunch


These are through-cut inlays, yeah?

You should look into acrylic glue - it literally doesn’t stick to anything but acrylic, and it doesn’t just glue the pieces together - it fuses/melts it together

I pick up this stuff from TAP plastics (cheaper there) but you can find it lots of places:

*the earrings are adorable BTW!


Yes cut all the way through no paint all acrylic

Thank you I just ordered some
I go the 3 and the 4, did some reading and the 3 wouldnt come apart at all unless the part broke where as the 4 and 16 had release points at the weld
Thanks for the info
Cant wait to receive and make some stuff

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