Another idea for GF 2.0

Hey folks,

This popped into my head. I remember thinking about buying one of these years ago. Glad I didn’t due to bad reviews:


But the thing I was thinking about was the conveyor belt idea. Maybe for a future Pro model, have an auto feeding belt on the front and back that can pull and push the piece through. Obviously only on the front and back, and not through the middle. And for fabrics and maybe leather, some sort of roll up bar, that could have the material auto feed through as well.

Or maybe even an add-on to present models?



Cool idea!

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The fabriks idea sounds great !!!

I was thinking about something like this:
Should keep even tension across the width of the material to prevent stretching. It would need to be wider of course but I can’t find anything that would work. I bet we could come up with a design we can cut on the glowforge, crank, gears, box, etc. just add rubber rollers!


i 100% thought that was a pasta roller at first

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I’d be ALL OVER a controlled feed system like this

Shouldn’t be too difficult to add a motor. If it weren’t for the fear of snagging on the honeycomb I’d love to explore the idea of the feed system talking to the glowforge for automation of cutting banners. But engraving long strips of wood (just surface work) shouldn’t be a problem. Oh the possibilities!

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A feed system like that reminds me of the old carvewright CNCS. I almost bought one 7-8 years ago. With the pro units and the slot on the front, that would be awesome.

I just looked up the carvewright, that thing is amazing! Might be a nice addition to my shop if I can convince my wife. Not likely until there’s a shiny new glowforge in the house :wink:


I’m under the same conditions from my wife too! I want DIY CNC, but not till the GF pays it’s self back.

The carvewright had or has problems. The biggest one I read is that it loses its positioning sometimes because the feed belt just loses its grip. I don’t know where it stands these days, I only ever saw one close up at a wood working show 7-8 years ago.

That said when I use to read their forums constantly and drool , there was a really awesome luthier making awesome guitars and violins with his. Even had some really cool jigs. My position on that style of machine is that if worked so great, there would be others like it by other companies. Since they are the only ones selling it like that, there must be problems that the marketing videos aren’t showing.


Very good point. I want another tool to do what the Glowforge can’t. Not sure if that means CNC router or 3d printer. Subtract or additive methods, does anyone have strong suggestions one way or another for the perfect glowforge buddy?

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That really depends what you are trying to do/make.

But I’d say both are good supplements. But if I had to pick one first I’d say a CNC. Then a 3D Printer.


3d printing is really cool, but I have to agree with CNC first. Laser for cutting small fiddlely stuff and CNC for the big things and really in-depth engraved. Thought I guess it depends on what you plan to make too, I’m talking from a woodworking perspective.

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I have so many ideas but I really want to wait until I have my glowforge so I can build my business around the actual capabilities of the machine instead of trying to fit the machine to my unrestrained dreams and aspirations. :wink:


Just saw this video a few days ago. He makes some good points. And I don’t know your finances or capabilities of the machine he talks about, but it is almost within 'screw it, impulse buy" territory. It is out of my price range ATM, but I would seriously consider it as a starter, merely by price point. I do not want a 3d printer, but 200$ I would Christmas myself.

I am sure forum members will more intelligently comment on 3ds.


I’m suspicious. Kind of a too good to be true situation but worth looking into. Thanks for the heads up!

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