Another international delay?

my date is tomorrow. But i do not know if it is correct. My shipping adress changed from usa to germany, they said they updated it… but who knows? i personally asume they did not :slight_smile:

i ordered a basic on the 10th january 2016.

Good luck hope yours gets sent on time

My order date was 21 Nov 2015 for the UK for a Pro. Originally due 20 March 2018 and filter due end of May 2018. Filter date stayed on 27 May 2018 and Pro date moved to 10 April 2018. Just checked and Pro now 5 April 2018 but filter mover to 28 July 2018!! What the heck? Anyone else’s moved so much?

Hi we are from Germany.

The date for the Pro ist still the same, but the Airfilter was pushed back.

Product Shipping
Glowforge Pro Feb 20, 2018
Air Filter Jun 24, 2018

That would suprise me, as we are members of EØS and have inner market trade agreements with EU. This includes that we have to pay alot of money to the EU and conform to most EU laws and regulations.

I’m working right now to try to make it correct. :slight_smile:


Mine was May 3 now April 25. Amsterdam, NL. Looking promising.

hmmm, are you the oracle of glowforge now? does your prophecy mean that you are going to produce it by yourself and ship it tomorrow ? Or are you going to simple change the date to the right date ? :slight_smile:

There have been a lot of people working to make that correct. But the nature of my job is that I tend to get called in at what everyone hopes is the end.


“If Croesus goes to war he will destroy a great empire.” Oracle at delphi, long time ago

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@dan Do you know what are causing the delays to Norway?

My filter email date is now April 4, from early/mid-March earlier this week. I’m a US customer. It would appear there has been a hiccup in the air filter.

Oy my filter is delayed to August! Meant to be May. :smirk:

Mine the same! Uk as well! pro for May and Filter for Jun but now Filter moved to August! :pensive:

Hello from Spain:
Basic one day earlier but the filter go from May to June :frowning:

Product Shipping
Glowforge Basic Mar 20, 2018
Air Filter Jun 24, 2018

*Anyone else have the problem that they can’t use Glowforge without the filter? I will have to wait till the air filter arrive so the best choice will be to delay de machine to be sent with the filter.

I’m afraid we don’t comment on logistics and compliance status for international shipping.

Mine has gone forward from April 17th to April 12th but I just saw the filter going from may to july

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Mine is exactly 2 weeks away now. Getting really excited! The Air Filter has been pushed back but I’m not too bothered about that. I actually only ordered it because I wasn’t sure if I’d need it (I don’t currently).


Germany here. Gained one day for the GF, lost a bunch of months for the Filter :wink: