Another LaserTile with gold laser foil

No weeding at all, really! I just pulled the outer edges off. The ‘fine’ stuff…the fur…had the lines engraved out to be black and the rest stayed gold. Nothing to weed.

Now…I’ll be curious to see if it works on acrylic.


Oooh…ditto that me, too! I have several images I’m waiting to try…some medieval woodcuts come to mind, first.

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The black is where the foil was removed. This type of tile ends up with an amazing black finish after lasering.

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I just need to leave this forum. The creativity and inspiration here is QUITE overwhelming!

Thank you!


That’s great!

I remember reading in the forums somewhere that the LaserTile people (guy?) don’t sell any longer? Is that true?

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Did I miss something?? What I recall is the original guy sold it to someone who lives in the vicinity of Xabbess and the new guy takes about a month to fulfill an order.

Did I miss a post where the new guy decided to drop them?

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@Tom_A and @caribis2

The first place that carried these was in Salem (Oregon’s capitol)…about 30 minutes from me. Then, at some point, they went to Portland…about 45 min/1hr from me. Their contact info. was never updated and when you google them, some references still show Salem.

Since first discovering them, I’ve made several orders because I am collaborating with my brother in New Mexico in putting his artwork (BW drawings) onto these tiles…and I must say, they look stunning. @caribis2 is correct…they take forever to ship orders, but now I’m used to it and just take it into account. Just last night I placed another order. They take around a month to receive.

LaserTile is still in business! Slow as all get out…but still in business.


Good to know! I’ve wanted to check it out long before I got my :glowforge:.

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