Another mask hook - specifically for homemade masks

I’ve seen several great designs for hooks for the commercial masks that have the really long ear loops. Clips that connect the two loops behind the head.

But, I’ve got a friend who has been making some homemade masks, with elastic just long enough to reach the ears. The existing hooks I’ve seen won’t work well in that case.

This design is used in conjunction with a piece of 1/4" ribbon. Tie the ribbon to one ear loop, and thread the ribbon through the hook as shown. You can then adjust the length by moving the hook along the ribbon. When wearing the mask one uses the hook to grab the other ear loop.

Hook Adjustable With Ribbon 2 Hook Adjustable With Ribbon

You’ll get 533 on a sheet of proofgrade!



Wow! Great job!

Thanks for taking the time to make and share.

nice design thanks for sharing!