Another one bites the dust

Affordable Sous Vide cookers were hard to find two years ago. Now a days there are a lot on the market. Might have hit an overly saturated market. I’ve personally got a Nomiku. Love the cooking method but wouldn’t recommend the company.


Julia Child’s French onion soup in less than an hour, from cellar to table. :wink:


How long for the wings? are they thawed first?

I have an the Big American pressure canner. and I love wings. Details I need details! :slight_smile:

I have a Power Pressure XL the large version. It is a wonderful gadget.

I’d love to learn more about the Instant Pot. I’ve been hearing so much about it but I’m not sure I still get it. Should we start a new topic so you all can educate me?

And, here it is:

For some reason, I brought up wings before… Oh, because I am a fanatic, that’s why. Here’s the info!