Another ornament

My wife asked me to make an ornament on the glowforge, afyer giving me some ideas from Etsy. This is a 3 layer ornament using some scrap proofgrade basswood plywood and walnut. My daughter saved up for about a year and bought her first horse (Skittles). We like to commemorate the year with an ornament and this seemed fitting.


That’s really cute…and a great good-memory piece.


Horse ownership is a wonderful adventure!


that is good looking ornament

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Very nice ornament. Congrats to your daughter saving up and getting Skittles. The first time I cried with joy was the day I got my first horse.

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Thanks! Yes she was very happy and I am sure a year was shed as well. She has really done a nice job, Skittles was a rescue horse and is doing very well in her new barn. My daughter has been working with her into the saddle and also doing quite a bit of lunging. She hopes to be able to take her to the fair in the summer.