Another owner not able to connect wifi

please help! i’ve tried no fewer than 20 times to connect and once i enter network pw, i get “the” message…

Are you trying to run the setup, or has your machine already been set up and now isn’t connecting?

run setup; i’m sure i’m doing something wrong!

Here’s a video that might help: How to setup your new Glowforge? Must see for new members/owners/purchasers

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i’ve got it through connecting but when i enter my network password, i get the same message in the video. never ending cycle. i literally tried at least 20 timea

What message are you getting? (So I don’t have to watch the video again to find out)

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Hi @simplygage,

It looks like we had a shipping mixup, and you’ll be receiving an email shortly about this. Since we’ll be communicating with you directly, I’m going to close this thread.