Another pen & pencil holder

This piece was commissioned by my wife for a co-worker of hers. Her co-worker is one of the secretaries at a local school and my wife wanted to give her a pencil holder with the school logo on it. Apparently pencil holders are all the rage there right now as my wife had requested on for herself for Mother’s Day! So much for the paperless modern world!

This one is a much simpler box shaped holder, nothing too fancy. Took me longer to modify the school logo to turn it into a usable vector than it did to make the box or print it out! I used the GF proof grade medium walnut ply for this one.

Was a little worried while printing this one due to our recent “heat wave”. The garage was right at the upper limits for Forgey but it didn’t pause during the print or have any other issues. We’ll see how it goes as things get warmer later this year.


Sweet! :grinning:


Useful and attractive. Great combination.


Looks great!

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Hi! Can you tell we where you purchased this file?

I just used the box generator here: