Another Pro Email!


It’s finally happened, the day so many of us have been waiting for.

I’m ridiculously excited to get my very own (pro!) glowforge.

I’ve also updated the Crowdsource GF Shipping Board with my details, nice to start seeing more of these Pro emails going out!


Awesome, congrats!


Wahoo! I love to see these threads.


what are you most looking forward to making?




Good question.

There’s just so many, I’ve bookmarked tons of threads on here and my backlog of ideas is quite extensive (I’m sure many of you can relate)

I did buy a bunch of leather in preparation for the GF’s arrival and I want to do a wallet with the outside etched with a map of my town.


Awesome news!! Cant wait to see what you make!!


Cool! That’s two Pros in the last day or so?


I’d say at least a couple a day on the spreadsheet, which means a multiple of that actually going out.


Progress at least! I just updated the sheet with my info too. I can’t wait to fill out some more columns. :wink:


yeah it seems to be a sign of progress!

edit: ^^ haha i shouldn’t wait so long to hit post


Yay!! I’ve seen several more posts about pro notifications but they’re tucked into existing threads… so glad to see things picking up speed ! :tada::tada::smile:



Today’s activity log:

8:00:00 pm - Read this post and realized I’m the next on the spreadsheet for a Pro (yes, I know the spreadsheet is only of those of us that volunteered our info, but i did order about 45 minutes after @eric)

8:00:23 pm - checked e-mail for notice (no joy)

8:00:28 pm - refreshed e-mail (still no joy)

8:07:05 pm - refreshed e-mail (still no joy)

8:14:56 pm - refreshed e-mail (still no joy)

8:26:44 pm - refreshed e-mail (still no joy)

8:35:10 pm - refreshed e-mail (still no joy)

8:51:02 pm - refreshed e-mail (still no joy)

9:15:22 pm - refreshed e-mail (still no joy)

9:15:30 pm - realized it was Friday, so probably won’t hear anything until Monday at the earliest.

9:30:00 pm - refreshed e-mail again anyway (still no joy)

and so it will continue for the next few days …