Another Pro Email


Came back from 3 days of hiking without internet access to the email sitting in my inbox. Luckily it came on my last day out. :slight_smile: Can’t believe I’m so close to having a Glowforge!


AllRightyThen! :tada: It finally arrives, the day you paid for long ago.


Awesome! Welcome to the club!


What? You too?

Congrats to both of you - or at least to @andistarnes, since I’m not entirely clear if @takitus is saying what I think he is :wink:


Oh nah haha. I have a forge but it’s just the PR. Really wish I had my pro right now. 2 weeks til the biggest con of the year…would be so useful right now


Congratulations! :grinning::tada::confetti_ball::dizzy::boom::balloon:






I like that people are posting these as new topics.



I debated not making a new post because I wasn’t sure if some would find it spammy but then I remembered how much I like scrolling and seeing how many have shipped.


Congratulations! I really love seeing all the new posts!


I love seeing each and every “I got the email” post Congratulations!! :grinning:




yes! It gives us the confidence that glowforge is making progress. Happy for your new toy!


Nice to know that the momentum on shipments is picking up. Congratulations!




That’s fantastic! This seems to be Pro week.


Wonderful!!! Very happy for you!


Awesome! congrats!


Yes!!! Keep those Pro’s rolling!!!:confetti_ball::tada::glowforge::squee: