Another Pro has landed

So, another Pro is in the wild. Draco Paladine has come home. Enter first posting from those to come.

UPS was pretty much as anticipated. While the box showed some damage and lost 2 handles, the unit seems to have survived the abuse quite well. I was not able to spot any indications that anything broke in shipping other than the box itself


There was a question about the surface not being as wide as the unit. I think that the way these are designed allows for some tolerance there so long as it is close. There aren’t corner feet or anything like that.

Unpacked, setup, and named just fine. We also get a nice view when the drapes are open. The pre-filter venting setup

Since food shouldn’t be forged once other potential contaminates, I started with some food. We have the finest crepes you can buy packaged in the local grocery store. (I haven’t heard any word on :proofgrade: crepes.)

Founders Ruler.

Hedgehog plaque. (@Jules is a VERY bad influence on me.)

A moose coin.

Yes, I ate the crepes. They were yum.

Founders Ruler on :proofgrade:, which I double-sided.

Then I played around with a ceramic tile. Now a white tile does not leave a lot to see when etched. burning off the glaze does give some interesting possibilities if you add a Sharpie Magnum and wipe with rubbing alcohol, though.

With the lights off, you can really see where the magic happens. That strip below is for elongated magic.

Trying default settings on some photo engrave. Yes, that is my ugly mug, probably one of the best pictures taken of me recently.

More Hedgie. Blame @Jules.

Hardwood flooring sample from Home Depot. Yes, I’m under 50% :proofgrade: usage right now. I did expect that.

I do have the rest of my weekend for more.


You made a crepe ruler.

Ridiculous, I love it.

But now I want crepes.


Great to see you have yours!

This is SO encouraging to get reports and postings instead of the griping. :+1:


I so didn’t catch that. I thought he didn’t post the picture. OMG. Also that crepe is definetly over 6 inch… Maybe subway should laser etch their breads so you can see your full 6 inch.


Dammit! Now I want crepes too! Printed with hedgehogs and cute little mooses. :smile:
(Have to make my own though, the ones in the grocery store here are pretty bleh.)


I’m sure it would work with homemade, too. I didn’t want to bother making crepes or pancakes and saw those. Cut lines are the only place the flavor was off at all, like it had been burnt (not surprisingly). The engraves were fine.

Now I’m up after a partial night’s sleep, and the only thing on my agenda today, aside from eating and feeding the cats is :glowforge:. Initially it is design and planning.


What a nice run for your first run! Loved everything … Especially that you were simply having fun!

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One thing. It is larger than I expected. I know they gave full dimensions. I just never sat down with a tape measure and worked out exactly the footprint and all that. It is really big in my small apartment, but I LOVE it. I am planning big things.


Etching a piece of stone. Throws more sparks than anything else I’ve cut so far. Got my GoPro keeping an eye on it so I can monitor the cut from the couch. Like tile, I’m not worried about this one starting a fire, but still want to keep an eye on it.


Roflmao… First thing in the machine is crepes! Love your adventurism…

Sounds like a fun day ahead

Glad you have the important things

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After working with metal for so long exploring the possible materials has been a great joy!
Have fun filling your weekend!


First try at stonework. I have slate coasters for this weekend, once I decide what I want to put on them.


Slate is really nice! One of my favorites so far… plus, they are paying for the Glowforge already :rofl:

I’ve been using 905/30 for engraves, which @jbv kindly shared with me. And, 500/20 for scores.


I expect slate to be big helper for covering the costs of this, I just need some customers. LOL

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I worked the exact foot print out way before I got the PRU…and it was STILL huge! Somehow, there’s maybe an inkling of denial in how large it really is. Worth every inch of counterspace!

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Perhaps you could call the font “ironic slate”!



Burned off quite a bit of my sheet of proofgrade for this, but planning to get good use out of it.


Testing a template idea with wooden coins I already had that I was using for woodburning.
Did a few double-sided. Had a couple different versions of stone for engraving. I didn’t doctor those, just wanted to see how they would come out on default settings.

Following an alcohol bath for the worst of the soot.

Each has a 1.5 inch diameter.


Lord! All those little aztec calendars must have taken forever to engrave! :grinning:

(I just got done using it in a design, and it was almost full bed size on the basic PRU. Hour and a half to run through it at medium LPI, but it turned out pretty good.)

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About 5-6 mins per coin per side.

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