Another Quick Tile

It’s been a while since someone shared a tile, and mine isn’t exciting or amazing. But it’s so clean looking I thought I’d share for those who haven’t seen how great the GF is with tile. This is engraved using settings I found in the forum and filled with alcohol marker-I just colored the tile black and used a Mr. Clean magic eraser to wipe off the excess.

Our goldfish died today and I didn’t have a large rock to engrave like I did for the last one that passed on (that one was 8 years old). We’ve had it almost 10 years, and he had gotten quite large the last couple years of having the tank to himself. This tile will be his headstone in the yard, going next to the large stone of the other fish, at least until I can find a nice rock to engrave.


Sorry about your buddy. :frowning:


What a great memorial tile. I’m sorry - I know you’ll miss him a lot.


I just hope one day, someone will look at the engravings and know exactly what kind of fish these were. This guy was a common goldfish, the last one was a comet goldfish. The last one I engraved “like a comet burning in the sky, you swam across our hearts and were gone too soon.”

I’m feeling a bit guilty for feeling relieved that he died while we had him. He lived almost 10 years, and since we’re moving in less than a year, I was worried he’d die after we rehomed him and we wouldn’t know.


I am very sorry for your loss, fish are surprisingly interesting and intelligent creatures if you learn their individual and unique personalities. That is quite beautiful, it turned out great and is a wonderful memorial. And very creative in the word play for their types.

Do not feel bad for feeling relieved, closure is important. I had a border collie when I was 9, and we got a yellow lab when I was 12, we moved out of state when I was 15 and we couldn’t take either of them, couldn’t find any friends to take them, no bites on classified ads we ran, so mom and I had to take them to the shelter. I never got closure on what happened to them, and it has always bugged me. Closure can be a blessing.


I would include an engraved image if not a specific photograph then a drawing that they would know. I found this on the noun project…


lol, that looks nothing like my fish. But it’s ok. I didn’t want to add a photo anyways. I was just hoping my hints in the engravings told what kind of fish they were, because I felt a little clever writing it. My son approved, and he helped me bury it last night.

Though I dug a very deep hole (I don’t have a shovel, so as deep as my plastic spade allowed me to before it hit roots), I didn’t anticipate just how long the fish had gotten…he looked smaller in the tank, but he was at least 9 inches long. I only had a couple inches of clearance for his tail because I mistakenly didn’t make the hole wide enough to lay him flat.

Now…to empty the tank…it’s going to take forever…


So sorry. Losing a pet is hard, no matter what kind it is. It’s a lovely memorial tile, and I think it will be more noticeable than a stone, which new people in the house may not even realize is there. 10 years, oh my! I didn’t know fish lived that long! And I think your sentiments are worded so wonderfully!


Wow I had no idea fish lived that long! I’m sure he led a happy life and sounds like the timing was a good one.


Beautiful tile for a cherished family member.


Well done! I love what you wrote.


Wonderful tribute. Just seeing this now.