Another Reality Check


Closing in on what we have all been anticipating, easy to lose perspective on life.
A good friend my age (61) just died. We shared the same birthday.
A mountain of a man, with as big a smile and a vigorous crushing handshake. I had just thought about him yesterday, and how I missed that greeting from him. R.I.P. Steve King.

Slams the focus of my laser thingy into proper perspective. I haven’t seen the forest for the trees.
I don’t write this to bring a downer into anyone’s life, just a reminder that the best things in life are not the things.
Hug those who you love and reach out to those who bring meaning to your life. We tend to lose sight of all we do have, and we live our lives as if all of time were ours to dispose of. Only some passing moments belong to us, they are our greatest treasure. Enjoy your afternoon, and behave accordingly. :heart:


I’m so sorry for your loss, and happy that he brought joy into your life, for however long it was.

He will live on though, in your happy memories of him, and the times you shared.


You are so right. I’ve been so wrapped up in following the saga of getting Glowforge of the design table and into production … that I’ve forgotten what I was going to do with it when I ordered.

But, I haven’t forgotten that life goes and that birth, taxes, and death are all you can really count on. So when a special friend is out there for you at all time (good and bad) … well, it is OK to celebrate their life.

Sorry for your loss. Brian


Dang, I am sorry to hear your loss. I lost my step dad back in June, and it puts things into perspective real quick. He also bought a Glowforge, so I was excited about sharing plans with him. I guess we cant take these things with us, so cherish the time you can spend with people you love.


Very sorry for your loss!


I can relate to what you are saying.
31 years ago today my mom passed away after a 4 yr battle with leukemia. I was a senior in high school.
She taught me just what you are saying. Miss her everyday since and try to treasure all those passing moments on a daily basis.

Sorry for your loss.


So sorry to hear, I feel your pain, been there as well…


So sorry for your loss. I’m sure that you’ll treasure your friendship forever.

Pace, Dennis


I’m so sorry you lost your friend. I’m glad you have such happy memories of him.


Grace and healing to you.


Sorry for your loss. Does put things in perspective.


Thanks for the great reminder as to what really matters.

Sorry for your loss.


Steve was a good man, he was a minister, and lived to be a Grandfather many times over. Many don’t make it that far.
Knowing I wasn’t a religious man, on our birthday he gave me a card that depicted a native priest with a knife poised over the sacrificial victim who looking up at him said “You realize of course this is exactly why some have a negative view of organized religion.” :joy:
I loved that guy, and when he saw you he would march up with that hand extended, and his grip on you confirmed he loved you too!

Thank you all, I’m OK… in fact I’m better now - the event served to give me a handle on reality. My friend’s parting gift to me. :ribbon: :wink:


Keep well. And I promise to hug everyone I love that’s within arm’s reach tonight.


what she said…


Sorry for your loss, and remember friendship doesn’t end with the life It keep live even after :slight_smile:


Thank you for this bittersweet reminder of what’s truly important. So sorry for your loss, my friend.


Memories like the ones you shared with us are the best part of friendship, and they never die. A big hug for you man.


Sorry for your loss. These reminders come much too frequently for me these days.

A particularly tragic reminder came to me a couple of weeks ago when one of my co-workers just lost his 17 year-old son suddenly. So much potential, so quickly gone. Take time to stop and smell the roses.


sorry for the loss