Another referral issue please help!

Hey GF Team ! All my referral transfer forms say I already spent the credit when i request Cash. There’s NO way that’s true. I have been through 3 threads and 2 community posts and my topic gets closed before I can get help. Can someone please look at my account. There is some kind of glitch. Please please :cry::cry::cry:. So grateful for any help!

I just want to cash out my referrals

No one has “credits” anymore. They’re now “gift cards” as explained in these other threads.

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I don’t want the card. I’m looking to cash out. This is the form I see when i try and request cash. It says the form above

For something like this they are not going to resolve it in public on the forum, it deals with your personal information. When they see your post, they will close this post and deal with you privately via email. :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand, but I still need help and I wanted to see if someone else has dealt with this. Just worried that I have not had Luck with support emails. I have no way to request cash and I have a lot of unpaid referrals. :frowning: I’m just really discouraged.

Eeep! I hate to have to tell you this, but opening more tickets (which is what happens when you post here in Problems and Support or send additional emails) just slows the process down since they have to gather up all the open tickets before they can process it, and once they do, it moves the post to the most recents. (And those are dealt with last…it seems to be a first come first serve sort of thing.)

So my suggestion, which works fairly quickly…send one direct email and wait to hear back. If you have not heard back within three days, send a reply to the Automated reply that they send you to tell you that they got your email. In the reply you send, add any additional information you might have about the problem.

That keeps everything in one place, and keeps you at the front of the line.

There are rare occasions where emails get lost though, and that is a good use for a forum post if you haven’t heard back from them in a week or so.

Thank you Jules. I understand what you are saying but I have had 3 referral issues. I dont know why

**Unpaid cash requested (over 60 days) unresolved but addressed in a support email. still not paid out.

transfer requests not being sent (for 20+ referrals) just got resolved BUT now

now transfer requests link sending me to the email above.

One thread with support addressed one. but the was left without response on one for 11 days.

I have tried the email route for a long time and I seem to get a response here and not often on emails so I thought Id give it a try. What my problem seems to be is that someone responds with part of the solution but the solution is rendered unhelpful without the other parts of the solution. Im sure you can understand.

I get dozens of emails that say that I got a referral bc I literally CONSTANTLY talk about GF. I am just scared that I cant get the help to actually make those happen because the system that used to work is not having multiple issues.

I just feel stressed and wish that I could get someone to look at the whole issue. I am so grateful for the any help the GF team could give me to validate the issue. and help me continue without feeling stressed that there is something wrong with my code.

Dozens? That’s probably the problem… I think the system is only set up for up to ten without intervention of some kind.

You need to just be patient, they will work it out and get back to you. But that might be the problem right there…I think the program is limited to ten referrals.

I really do appreciate the response. I will try what you said, but I just pray for the day that GF has a Customer Service line! I’m referring units for them hoping I can help them get there too! lol

Its set up for up to ten without approval. I was given approval for more from the team when I asked.

Dragging them along to success eh? :smile:

Give them some extra time. They might not be able to keep up with you. :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks Ill Try!! hahah Trying to pay off student loans lol. Grateful the the referrals that can help!! Thanks Again Jules

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Hi @shopokoa, it looks like we were able to take are of this over email. I’ll be closing this thread.