Another retro pi

There’s only one lasered part in here but this guy’s skills are pretty impressive.


I’m curious why not acrylic in the laser? I know he doesn’t have a :glowforge:, but :glowforge: would have clobbered that.

Perhaps not entirely 2D. He said it was “pocketing”, which to me means not cutting all the way through.

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Good point. Can still be done on a laser, but is more tricky than a CNC mill.

Yes I am hoping Glowforge will be able to make accurate 3D shapes but the only evidence is the pyramid posted a long time ago.

Another thing, he’s using cast acrylic. That would make a laser engrave from pocketing a lot more visible than extruded, whereas a CNC mill could still do a clean cut.

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Yes its opaque black though and I assume the pockets are in the back to accommodate the button flanges, so they should not be visible.

I was figuring that is what the pockets were for. I am not sure how much is visible front to back on a cast engrave. I know that sometimes stuff shows through, sometimes it doesn’t, and the smoked color would certainly impact that. I expect the :glowforge: to be a major learning experience.