Another set of gifts done

Bamboo utensil sets from Amazon, an hour with the Glowforge, and Boom! Got the Daughters taken care of too!

Could’ve done more, but didn’t want them hard to keep clean.

Now I’ve gotta wrap all this stuff…


NIce job on these! Dani’s gonna enjoy them :grinning:

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Nice! Have you ever been on top of gift giving like you have this year? The Glowforge makes it easy.


Nice! Love a personalized kitchen gift!

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Actually, I’ve always been pretty good. But this year I was in a rut. My Glowforge helped a LOT.


Did you engrave or score the words? Its hard for me to tell on the photos.

Those are engraved. It’s a thin stroke font because I didn’t want them anywhere as deep as the ones on my BBQ tools came out.

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I thought they looked engraved. I agree on the thin stroke. Looks really classy. I have been wanting to do this for my dad but wasn’t sure how to do it with metal tools? Do you take the handles off and reattach after engraved?

Handles on. Just some frog tape. Had to go with edges on the tongs because the thickest part was over 2”.

Here’s the thread:

Thanks for the info. I haven’t engraved anything other than GF material so wasn’t sure how to protect my machine from the metal components on the utensils. I may do this for Father’s Day this year. My Dad would love it. May make some personalized wood spoons for my Mom, too. May I ask what font you used? I really like the looks of it.

It’s a Glowforge premium font called “Bilbo Swash Caps”… (I get the “swash caps” part… Who names these?)

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Haha…I know right? I was just wondering that the last time I was looking through the fonts😃

I’d love to have a “Font Book” for all of the Glowforge Premium fonts. I’d MAKE one, but the fonts are only available after you type them…

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They’re all Google fonts I believe


Well THAT makes things easier! Thank you!

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Thank you :grinning:

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@linefeed, May I ask what setting you used on the GF to engrave the Bamboo?