Another shipping delay... when will the madness end?

You know when you have your heart set on something that you know will change your life… and you feel it so close, but then someone keeps jerking it away… WELL that is my glowforge experience…
Another shipping delay… My glowforge was due to ship in 4 weeks, and they have yet again changed the date- now to January 2019… surpassing THREE YEARS SINCE I HANDED OVER MY MONEY.
I just want to cry, and cry and cry some more… I just don’t know how much longer I can actually wait. It’s truly heartbreaking constantly postponing dreams and ideas… it’s soul crushing shit!!! I’m so disappointed beyond words with this company, SO DISAPPOINTED!!!


I don’t know if anyone here did not wait longer than expected, many over three years.

My own wait was three times as long as expected but a best current estimate has been added as future predicting is a tough job at best and the target moved a lot both sooner and later with the actual arrival a month ahead of my final expectations.

From the first I put my efforts into learning Inkscape that I had never touched before that and had a back log of tricks, designs and parts waiting to be applied when the !machine did arrive. I expected to have more time to make its final living arrangements so had to scramble to do so.

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