Another simple phone + pen stand :-)

I need a single-piece short phone stand that I’d be able to put away easily, and while there are a bunch of great designs on here including another with a living hinge, none did quite what I was looking for. So here’s mine :slight_smile:

Best bet is not hardwood - it broke no matter which way I tried it.
I also made one from leather that works but is a bit too weak (I may just glue some support wood to the inside) :stuck_out_tongue:

Phone Stand_V3

The opening fits a phone up to .75" thick (or a normal phone in a hefty case).


You might have more success with less pointy cuts like long ellipses.

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I had considered alternating the height of the lines as well, but wasn’t sure how that would affect the hinge portion :man_shrugging: I keep on saying that at some point I’ll sit down and do a bunch of testing, but so far… not so much!

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Nice! I like the idea of doing it in wood-reinforced leather as well, and then you wouldn’t have to do the living hinge. Thanks for the design!


Nice and very different design - thanks for the share too!

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I would think carefully gluing the leather to the plywood living hinge would work well. I use spray 3M adhesive sprayed on leather or cork fabric to re-enforce my living hinge purses.

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