Another simple project

I have a need to project a small circle of light ~15’ across a room from an unobtrusive hidden location that has power (top of a cabinet).

Tried various solutions but none were as good as a small “CREE” branded focusable AA flashlight I no longer use (Amazon, eBay, et al.)

I designed a screw-on sprung connector for the back of the “head” of the flashlight. It uses a couple of gold-plated “head pins” (from JoAnn), then an adjustable stand to allow the beam to be adjusted. The stand just snaps together, the rings for the electrical connection are glued together.

Running from a mutilated night-light at the moment, but working on scavenging power from a LED light strip up on that cabinet, that will turn on when the lights go out and off again at dawn.

Edit to add pic “in action” as requested - details below.


Oh hey, that’s really cool! Would love to see it in action.

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This is freaking awesome. :upside_down_face:

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I like the way you cut the back plate to give your contacts a springy connection. I wouldn’t have thought to do that. :blush:


Really cool. Do you have a pic of it projecting onto the wall?


So cool!

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Elon,they will be blown away with Little Spoon. Make one and post it.

Neat project!

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Nice solution, Thank you.

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That is the cutest baby spotlight I have ever seen! The spring action and adjustability are brilliant!

Your creativity never ceases to amaze!

The LEDs are powered by “invisible” wires to the outlet and USB adapter from below (two strands of 36ga nichrome wire, separated by a spacer cut on the GF). Unfortunately the construction of the clock meant they did not illuminate the hands, hence the need for a projected spot from across the room.

This whole thing is just something to occupy some time (ha!) and try out some ideas.

The LED’s are quite dim - by design. It’s just meant to be subtly visible at night.