Another Source For Laser Foil?

In a previous post @Tom_A gave a source for laser foil from Johnson Plastics . I am curious to know if anyone has an alternative source. That material is fairly pricey and ultimately I would like to ship it internationally. At Johnson Plastic you don’t know the international shipping cost until the order is fulfilled. Interestingly, the material I can get in the EU is multi-ply foil - 2 colors. I am interested in materials like that of Johnson Plastics because it is single ply. I wonder if any self adhesive mylar could substitute. Any help or insight is appreciated!



Oracal 352 is a polyester based self adhesive metallic material that cuts nicely in the laser cutter and comes in several shades of gold, chrome, brushed metal finish, etc. I would think there would be a UK dealer of this stuff. You can get it from most vinyl suppliers. It’s pricier than regular vinyl but if you don’t have to pay international shipping, you’ll save a bunch.


Thanks for the tip! I will check it out!

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Oracal 352

Hot damn, I had some of this squirreled away and didn’t guess it was laser-safe. @MakerMatthew I ordered it from Feller’s.


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