Another tea candle holder out of wenge

Found the design but it was too large for glowforge to handle, so i broke it down into 7 different files in Illu. for printing. Very fragile but looks great cut out of wenge.


Turned out very nicely! (That’s a tough one to cut with all the little branches.) :grinning:


there were even more little branches that were vaporized :wink:


somewhere on here is a thread with that very file, and a fix for it. I tried cutting it too and watched with dismay as the lines got so close the branch ends disappeared in a puff of smoke…


Speaking of which, I’m continuing my custom puzzle drawing in AutoCAD. It’s at no scale right now assuming based on user age I can scale it up or down. How fine a sliver should I expect before it goes up in smoke? I would think durability would drive the width to about 1/16".

I agree. The beam starts to overlap somewhere just above 200 LPI I think.

LPI. Hmm, that doesn’t translate in my gray matter. It goes in, but doesn’t come back out in a form that I understand.

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Well, thinking about it, that’s really not a good metric, it’s the heat deposited per unit time that is the problem. At full power, a 1/16 is probably pushing it. That same design could probably be accomplished by a much lower power and using several passes to get through.

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Here is the reworked version of that file. Check out the whole thread, you will see lots of work on it!


Thank you! I went looking for it too.

Thank you

Wenge is certainly beautiful!

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