Another time I wish I had my Glowforge

I recently became the owner an old beat up Bass guitar. Figured I’d give it a new look. The body was originally the solid blue color. The pick guard was the typical white but had yellowed with time. A lot of sanding, some stain and some router work on acrylic for a new guard and this is what I had.


Looks great, really like the natural wood, so much better than paint.

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I’m a huge fan of natural woods/materials with “industrial” colors and design as an accent. I was toying with the idea of using black acrylic for the pick guard at first but felt it would take too much away from the natural wood. The gunmetal gray was my compromise.

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Looks Sweet! Nice job!
My sister had gotten a Gibson EB3 many moons ago. Same thing. Ended up as natural wood and was beautiful

Looks great!

it’s a beauty - nice job