Another use for those magnets

I was handed an interesting puzzler today. Apparently K-mart forgot to take the DVD out of the security case. Of course, physical force would have been the easy answer, but I want to see if I could do it. The trick is two strong magnets exactly 1/2" apart. We have that technology.



Had to use a vise for a clothing tag once, thankfully without dye pack. Your solution was more elegant!

Wow, you still have K-mart? They’ve closed all the ones near me in the Detroit area, IDIOTS!


It’s the only Department store chain that’s down here.

Even the very first K-mart in Garden City ( on Ford and Middlebelt) is closed?? Was a Dearbornite originally… (Still have one Kmart here in Tucson)

Because of the population (less than 100k) the whole territory does not attract major players in the retail market #everything-else @PlGHEADED pigheaded . Here on St Croix 3 McDonald’s (out of PR) 3 KFC’s. 2 Subways, 2 Kmart’s, 1 Maryanne’s, 1 Office Depot and a Home Depot. 87 Sq miles we are…

But we have great beaches and it’s warm all year round.:sunglasses:


Yes, that is right. They closed that one as well. I’m still a Deabornite since my folks move us here some 50+ years ago from Dbn. Hts.