Another version of ear savers

I have read comments about things that needed to be changed so I have played with the file a little. I decided to curve the sharp edges and turn the odd spaces into extendable pieces.
By adding the holes on the half pieces, you can thread a ribbon or string through the holes and tie to make the right size. It also helps use the whole sheet. The SVG file is there in the space. The lines are thin so it may look invisible.

ear savers from Glowforge full sheet


Oh, nice job! Bookmarking for sure, thanks!


That does look good…thank you so much!


Thanks so much for this. I got partway I to trying to smooth the edges and got stuck with joins. I like your solution or the extra curve. I’ll give it a spin tomorrow as I’m working on 500 for a correctional facility.


Nice version. Thank you for sharing.

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I am sorry the file I shared had two layers saved on so it was not a good file. My computer was damaged right after I realized this. I have a new computer and have repaired the file. So here is the updated version.ear savers from Glowforge full sheet NEL

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