Another wet glowforge

Just sent an email to support about my brand new gf is wet inside. Paper around button soggy. I see from a previous post that it’s probably coolant and will need to be replaced. Drat. If there is another solution let me know. I hope I don’t have to wait 3-4 days to get a response as what to do like the automated email said

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Probably a replacement situation. They usually respond quicker than that…but when you both email and post here in Problems &Support, it slows responses because they have to de-duplicate the tickets.

They will probably have a new one on the way quickly.

Sorry you got a broken one.


not necessarily:

false hope:

@pam4arts sorry you got disappointed after waiting so long. I share in your frustration. hope you get your replacement quickly.

There will always be negative examples.

The amount of time it takes for Support to read your P&S will be what it is. Once they read it though they act quickly and you move to the front of the replacement GF line. You won’t need to wait for the next batch of units.

I received a replacement recently. It was sent out within a couple work days of me agreeing. Holiday season and snow storms didn’t help the trek across the country but it was shipped in a timely manner.


Mine was broken in shipping (received yesterday afternoon) and they responded to me the same day. Not sure when my replacement will show up but you are not alone.


Yeah, this is one that doesn’t need any back & forth testing things. Bet it moves straight to “we’ll contact you via email to arrange the replacement” :smiling_face:

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I hope you are right, and that my case is a flukish exception, but I got an email asking to confirm address for replacement immediately, I confirmed immediately, and haven’t heard since (that was Jan 5).

I’m not keeping track of it, but if I’m not mistaken the basic units shipping is stuck on day 30 while the pro has advanced, which might indicate that they are currently producing only pros, which might mean exactly that you need to wait for the next batch (I’m sorry if I’m totally wrong here).

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Sorry for your issues. I spoke up only because I’ve had a good experience and have seen plenty of similar stories. Never been a believer that misery loves company.


I would appreciate if those that have received an email offering a replacement in the past 2 weeks and then have received confirmation that their units have shipped, please post about it or at least let me know by PM. I was discouraged to contact support too often as it might only burden them further, but I am very curious if all replacement have slowed down or if somehow my ticket got “lost in space”.

I don’t care at all if someone got ahead of me in the line, so to speak: I wish that all of you get your working GF as soon as possible! I just wonder if perhaps it’s time to open a new ticket…

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I’m seeing day 30 for both basic and pro. I suspect the unique shipping situation for your order makes it less typical than other replacement situations. By having it shipped to a US address, in order to avoid waiting for international shipping to begin, you put yourself into a special case scenario. I’d assume Glowforge would expect you to ship it back from the address where you had it shipped, and would then ship your replacement to that address. Shipping it from Canada for replacement and/or having the replacement shipped directly to you in Canada, most likely wasn’t something they planned for, nor something they’re likely to do. I hope I’m wrong, but your situation is definitely unique, so comparing it to the typical US replacement situations is probably unfair.

The 2 Canada recipients (via US mail drops) I recall having to get replacements had to return it from the US pickup place and got the replacement there too.

I’m so sorry, but we’ll need to replacement your unit. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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