Another while we wait thread

It occurred to me last night, that we have a vast array of skills and interests spread across the forum and that with those skills and interests come a wide variety of tools. So I thought I’d start a game.
Guess the tool!
Now, I think that it would be unfair to expect people to name the tool, since even in the UK there must be at least a dozen names for a spade, but, what I suggest is a game where we guess the use.
You find your most obscure tool, take a picture and then we have to guess what it’s for.
I think it might be fair if you provide a small tit-bit of a clue as well.
For instance, I’m a bookbinder.
What do I use this tool for?

I think I’ve shown enough for you to work out how it works.


I’m going to guess it trims pages in a finished book. (But I’m cheating because I read a description while looking for a picture of the flywheel guillotine paper cutter I used to use. Loved that machine.)


I suggest a not-quite-finished book page trimmer.
think you would use this to trim the ‘block’ of the book before adding the case/binding ?
Fallen at the last fence -I don’t know what you call the outer shell that protects the pages !

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I agree. Cheater. :wink:


Haven’t a clue other than it’s going to secure the book for some operation.

@paulw got it (sort of), @johnbrooker refined it and is the WINNER!

Our next contestant please.


Mostly done by machine now.


Y’all need to quit this…it’s distracting…pastry crimper. :laughing:


nope, I should have put something for scale, the total length of those triangle teeth is about 3/8"

3/8" in height, or from the front tooth to the back one ?

Front tooth to the back tooth

Is the set of teeth removable for replacement when worn, or for a different sized set of teeth ?

Both here a couple other teeth and a key fit scale


Looks like it would work great to cut new keys with.


Some form of leather working tool ?

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To press and hold book binding in place?

Is this a thread-chaser of some sort?

the name of the tool shares the name of a popular board game :grin:

nope :slight_smile:

Clue. (As in we need one.)