Any advice on how to put in new lid cable

any tips excepted thanks

Support sends instructions by email, check your spam folder, otherwise, they can re-send them.

after seeing all the other people having such problems i hop this works
and thanks i will look

so i don’t see the instructions in my email or junk is there a chance support could send it out to me again if they are listening .
now that i pulled the old one out already owch

It would probably be faster to reply to the emails you already had with them than wait for them to respond here.

Posting here opened a new support ticket, which can take time to be assigned. Your email exchange was its own ticket, that is still open.

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thank you
i would like to let you know i have installed it and it is working its not stuck on focus and it moves again
still going to get instructions any way for reference


I’m so glad to hear that you were able to get the new cable installed, and are not running into the same snag. I’ve reached out directly via email to provide the instructions for installing the cable for reference. I will now close this thread.