Any Bibliophiles out there need a fix? 🦉



I am more of a Frodo fan.


My to-be-read shelf (both literal and electronic) will outlive me by generations!..but you know I’m gonna look!


Here is another cool source.


My sort of brother in law (brother out law?) was a prolific writer in science fiction and fantasy and tending to the Randist part of the political complained a lot that Libraries were theft and if you bought a book and loaned it to a friend that was theft too. :roll_eyes:

In contrast there’s a whole conversation on Twitter among authors who are livid that NPR and New Yorker both suggested people go to Internet Archive because IA has been stealing non-public-domain works and posting them and all saying “if you can’t afford it, we understand, go to your library. If they don’t have it, ask if they’ll buy it. Libraries love requests”

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