Any finishing suggestions

Making this for a reunion almost 40 years in the making - now how do I finish this off to make it POP?


It pops quite nicely already! I guess you could painstakingly paint the interior of the letters, and maybe some racing stripes on the aircraft, but it isn’t really needed.


Personally being former AF I think it looks great they way it is… Jet Jockeys are the best…


I love it (AF dependent my whole life, so I might be biased)! Especially the cutouts on the jets!

I’m a “stacker” myself (Security Police Badge), so I’d be tempted to start gluing stuff on top of it…I could see the patch in walnut and maple, maybe the 2 jets in basswood and either mounted or inset…but you asked for “finishing,” not “starting all over again.” (THIS is why I have such a hard time finishing things!!!)

Maybe just a touch of color? Nothing garish, just a hint of squadron colors in the patch, maybe a pale gray wash on the jets?

Or leave it just like it is, because it’s already very nice!


I was Security Police myself for 15 years and enjoyed every minute… Best job I ever had…:grinning:


Already looks nice!

A couple things you could play with, not necessarily simultaneously…

  • reduce whitespace a bit by moving some text below the badge
  • use a non rectangular outer cut, e.g. follow the arch of the banner
  • increase the badge size, might need to change aspect ratio to accomplish

What you have right now, with the generous amount of whitespace, would be ideal for gathering signatures of attendees.


I think when I look at it, I’d like to see the large white space area darker to make the text/jets/banner pop. You could get copper sharpies for people to do signatures that way. I’m not sure how it would look with the darker shield though (or maybe more copper sharpie to pop that area a bit too?)

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I have to agree with the stacking idea! I’ve been able to make some of my items more “posh” by stacking various design pieces.


Looks great as it is. We can always do more … sometimes less is more.

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