Any idea how to get Support’s attention?

My 1.5 year old Glowforge stopped working 3 days ago. I’ve emailed twice and left a voicemail. I’ve got a big order deadline coming up and I’m getting desperate. Anybody know the best way to get support to respond?

You have done the things that need to be done to contact Support. The only options are phone and email. Sorry.


I’ve been trying to get ahold of them for a month now with no response

The reality is they won’t reply for a while, and then if you agree to pay for a refurbished machine, there will be another wait until one becomes available. Support is dependent on the company they outsource to for that information, and although it’s always been less than desirable, it’s really gone downhill lately based on comments shared here.

Sorry to say but you might be looking for an alternative local machine to use. They have one at the Joann near me, unfortunately nobody in the store had a clue how to use it - as in, how to even upload a file to print, there was no computer set up with the account needed to access it.


Did you receive an automated response immediately after contacting them via email? If so, that does mean that they received your email. I know that they are behind because I sent an email about a rather minor things and had to send another asking about it again before they finally replied. If you never received an automated reply that would say to me that they never received your request. If it’s been an entire month, I would suggest that you email them until they respond…using the “reply to” their initial auto response

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I did get an initial automated response, replied with photos, etc. I have heard nothing since. I’ve emailed about 4 times, called their voicemail, and even tried to contact them on Facebook. This is terrible customer service. They are leaving themselves open for a massive class action lawsuit.

GOOD LUCK I am waiting going on a week now. They clearly do not care about their customers. I made a comment on Facebook and they flat out ignored me and went on to answer multiple other people who you could tell didn’t have a machine and wanted more info.

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Glowforge has never offered support thru failbook.

They have a marketing presence there, that’s it.

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Yes! They’ve sent the automated response!

They owe me some referral credits and won’t respond. I’m tempted to take things farther because all of my attempts of contact have been ignored

They aren’t ignoring you…they are backed up on support responses. That, plus there are other folks in line before you, so try to be patient.

After additional attempts to contact them via Facebook and their automated chat support, I did finally get an email back from a real person at Glowforge. They are sending me a replacement part. Hopefully that fixes the problem.

I’m glad you got the response you needed. Just to be clear though, they do not offer support through Facebook and the chat option became unavailable when phone support was initialized.

A month behind? Don’t think so. I’ve had my laser for almost 4 years now, it has never taken this long for any response. If they are behind a month for replies, they need to be letting people know that. A few days? Fine. A month? Absolutely not.

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