Any idea on how to troubleshoot

Glowforge light is on but nothing is happening.

I uploaded the image, the machine processed it, indicated the amount of time it will take, then the light on the glowforge blinks.

I’ve checked the ribbon connections on the glowforge glass screen, I’ve checked the cable connecting to the button that you press to initiate the start of the laser in the glowforge. I’ve turned the glowforge off and back on. I’ve disconnected the power cable and reconnected. I’ve verified the network the glowforge and computer are connected to. I’ve cleaned all the sensors inside the glowforge.

I’ve researched and found that this is an issue on the glowforge pages but I’ve yet to see a resolution


So the white button blinks but pressing it does not do result in the laser running the job?

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That is correct nothing happens when the button is pressed.

Nothing spun up and the status window on the computer stayed the same. That is press the button for the magic to begin.

That is correct no movement.

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The countdown did not start. It said to press the button to have the magic start.

Just to play advocate here…this could be a matter of semantics.

In other words, their interpretation of what it means…?

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I’m confused by how you’re confused. And to make a comment that you don’t believe I own a glowforge is laughable and definitely shows I’m not speaking with the right person. You can cease responding at this point.

I’ve seen other post that discussed this issue but none seem to state the resolution that’s why I figured I’d post here.

If anyone else has experienced this issue and can provide further input please let me know.

Here’s an example from someone else

I have not had this issue, but the simplest way to determine if the button itself is the issue is to hold it down for >10 seconds, as you would to perform the wifi setup process. Hold it for 30 seconds or so. There’s no harm in re-configuring the wifi, people move machines or switch to new routers all the time.

If it doesn’t start glowing teal, then the issue is most likely a defective button. That means the machine will have to be repaired/replaced - it’s not a user-serviceable part.


@Xabbess Thanks so much for trying to assist here. Your screenshot is exactly what mine is saying. As I previous stated I wanted to know if anyone else had this problem or knew how to trouble shoot the issue.

Which again is that although the button is flashing, and the Magic Time message is showing on my computer screen. My glow forge won’t move start and keeps flashing when I push the button.

Appreciate any fruitful advice.

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Thank you I will try that.

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Personally I don’t have any helpful advice here. I just wanted to perhaps clarify on your behalf what you were trying to say so that misunderstandings wouldn’t continue to get in the way of a solution. @eflyguy made a good suggestion. Hope you get everything going again successfully.


Just for what it’s worth (and not really adding any troubleshooting advice to this thread), you can push the button again after entering wifi setup to cancel out of it without any of the existing wifi info being overwritten.


I’m so sorry for the trouble while trying to use your Glowforge. I see that you reached out to us via email, and I’ve just responded to you there, so I’m going to close this thread and our team will continue to assist you via email.

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