Any ideas out there, Unit did not work from the moment I received it

Got my brand new Pro yesterday. Went through the initial setup and connected up to the unit with no issues. Went to do my first print and the unit was stuck on Homing. Waited about a half hour and still nothing. I then hit the forums and tried all of the recommendations. Nothing. Restarted the unit a few times. When it connects now it is giving me a Lid Open error. Hit the forums again and tried all the tricks suggested here. Nothing.

I emailed support and received a canned response. Today I finally got another canned response back from support to try the same procedures listed here in the forum. It was just a cut and paste from the solution they posted here on another thread. Emailed them again. Its been 4 or 5 hours now and still no response.

Is this what I should expect with this company? The unit was dead on arrival. Im sure they have the log data. Am I just crazy or is it normal for them to not respond. I get that they are busy but isnt trying to help someone who received a dead unit kind of a priority? Does anyone here have a way to contact them? Even better, has anyone here had the same issue with an order?

Yes. They will acknowledge your notification of the issue with an automatic response as first contact. That assigns a ticket for you.

Perform them, and let them know the results of the tests. Be detailed about what you checked and what you saw. Then things will proceed. Until you tell them those results, they will not move forward. They are looking for information from those tests to tell them what needs to be done next.

These are complex machines that tend to get damaged in shipping (despite good packaging.) Point is, it could be any one of several things causing the trouble, some more problematic than others, and you don’t want to have to send the machine back in for repair or warranty replacement if you can avoid it. They are trying to avoid you having to do it. That generally takes a little longer to resolve up front, but saves a lot of time waiting on a new machine.

You’ve now contacted them several times, through your emails, and by posting again here in the Problems and Support section. The duplication of tickets just slows them down when they try to analyze your issue, so just stick to one method and respond with whatever they need as quickly as possible. Otherwise they have to set your case aside and come back to it later after they work on someone else’s case that they have the information for.

They have a Chat function open sometimes. Usually it’s not any quicker than just replying to the emails that they send. And opening a chat now just adds another ticket, it does not speed things up on their end.

Not trying to be unsympathetic, just explaining how the system here works, and there is no way to speed it up. Give them the information they ask for as soon as you can, and they can make a decision on what you need to do next. (And good luck, I hope they can fix it remotely.)

Thanks Jules. I appreciate the information. I get it that these guys are in startup mode. I’ve been there and feel their pain. I just needed to know how they communicate and luckily I heard back from them a few minutes after i posted here. Good old communication, it solves a lot of woes.

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Fantastic! Most people come in here scared and not understanding the delays. We can’t tell them what’s going on, cause we don’t have access to the logs. (But they are getting much faster now in getting the responses out.)

Good luck!

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I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve run into trouble with your new Glowforge! I sincerely apologize for the delayed response. I see that you have reached out to us directly via email, and we are working on it there.

I will now close this thread.